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Technology rules the world you live in. But do you have any control over it? If a light is switched on, you can't make it less bright or make it flicker to the tune of your favorite song. Our guess is that you enjoy a romantic dinner with your wife under the blaring light from a tube light or the dramatic cosiness of a dark room. In other words, you have no control over the flow of the electron.
We have the perfect solution for you. Home automation means more control over things you could previously never imagine: the world of electronics. You don't even have to be a gizmo freak to understand, love and use it! You just need one of the five interfaces we provide: an iPad, a remote control, a computer, a mobile phone or a DDP switch board. The clincher is that it is oh, so simple and so much fun!

We have set the standard in automation and control systems for over four decades. Discerning clients, from world leaders and CEOs to professional athletes and entertainers, use our solutions every day, enjoying the ultimate in comfort, convenience, simplicity and security, as well as lower energy costs.


You wake up in the middle of the night and realize you have to make a nature call. You scramble around for the light switch, toppling a million things on your dressing table in the process. You even get hit in the knee by some obscure piece of furniture that decided to stand in your way.
With home automation, this is a scenario that will never happen again. Lights switch on and off on their own, almost like magic. Thermal sensors detect your presence in the room and it simply floods with light. No more searching for the bathroom switch or getting hit by rebellious furniture for you, sir!
It is also possible to program your lights to turn on and off at fixed times, based on your needs. You don't even have to think about it! Want your gate lights to be switched off by dawn, but are too lazy to get up and do it? You don't have to. Just program it into your system, and the lights go off at 6:00 am sharp.
We also let you control the amount of light, through dimmers. This means that the lights are not on full blast whenever you switch it on, saving electricity by even 80%. Why do you need dimmers? Trust us, sometimes, it is better to have a soothing stream of light around you rather than a harsh and strong explosion of it. And yes, you can control these dimmers; when they come on and by how much.

Mood setting

Your fiancé and yourself have made plans for a romantic dinner at your place. You need everything to be perfect. But your candlelight dinner plans go down the drain because you have no candles. (Where do all the candles go when you need them?!) With a simple touch of a button, your home is set in a Romantic mood; there is soothing music playing, the lights are all dim, tenderly shining like stars in the sky, the curtains are drawn to give you some privacy, and the air conditioning is coordinated to give the most romantic temperature.
Your boss decides to meet you five minutes before your fiancé? No problem! One button, and your lights are on full strength, the curtains are opened to a respectable extent, the music is turned off and the air conditioning is increased appropriately. In other words, you can create customized settings for your home such that every aspect is preprogrammed. You don't have to go through the hassle of adjusting every setting (lights, curtains, music, security, air conditioning) individually, but can adjust them all at once, from a single button! What makes mood settings even more spectacular is that you can have millions of them

Air conditioning

You think you have absolute control over your air conditioning; you can regulate the temperature using a remote, you can switch it on and off depending on your needs and it seems to listen to your every whim and fancy. But we regret to inform you that this is only pseudo control. With our home automation system, you can do all this and more.
When you get back home from work, you switch the AC on, but the machine takes light years to cool your room. Sometimes you wish the machine could cool the room faster; we have technology that can take man to the moon, but don't seem to have knowledge about getting an air molecule from one end of a room to another! At other moments, you wish you had someone to switch it on ten minutes before you got home so the room would be ready for you.
Air conditioning technology won't change in a long time, and having someone at home may not be appealing. However, home automation is a viable and convenient option. You can program your system such that the air conditioner switches on at a regular time, ten minutes before you get home, everyday. Now that is absolute control!

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