While it is true that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, people do precisely just that. It doesn't matter how efficient your company is, or how famous; the facade of your office space acts like the face or your company. We at IFS know how important the facade of the building can be.Yes, it is true, you can always just go for a regular cement-and-paint job and sit tight in the faith that your duty is done. However, we can assure you that nothing beats a facade that uses our product; no paint can ever come close to the sleek elegance of a Composite panel.

Doing up the facade of a building, be it an office space or a home, is an art. With our composite panels, this art just gets more dynamic. These panels are designed to bring optimum light and to protect the building against harsh weather conditions (an everyday occurrence in our country). This means that you don't have to worry about your building for almost 20 years! Come rain or sun, it will always look as good as new, what with it not fading. The panels can also simulate congenial conditions for air conditioning.

We have been instrumental in rendering a comprehensive array of Composite Facades to our customers. Our range of Facades provide dimensional beauty to your office or house and are preferred because of their unique surfaces, top quality and durability. The Composite Facade panels are very stable, but nevertheless provide the proper flexibility for handling and installation.

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